Coda's research will generate new advertising revenue for your newspaper... guaranteed.

That’s right. We’re so confident that our audience data will generate dollars for your advertising sales team that we guarantee it. The program is simple. The execution is turn-key. And the results are proven. Here’s how it works.

Coda has established a partnership with The Weeks Group, a leading media sales consultancy specializing in print and digital newspaper advertising. The Research 2 Revenue program combines Coda’s newspaper research with sales training and in-market support, resulting in guaranteed revenue gains. In fact, according to Everton Weeks, partner of The Weeks Group:

“When we go into a market using Coda’s audience research in our advertiser presentations, we can deliver 30% more sales for a newspaper, versus not having this critical data.”

First, Coda will conduct a local market survey that quantifies your newspaper’s total audience delivery across all traditional and digital platforms. In addition, the study will profile your readers’ purchasing power for key advertising categories.

The Weeks GroupThe Weeks Group will then create a data-driven presentation, train your team how to effectively sell with the numbers, and make advertiser calls with your staff to present the information. And here’s the win/win... The Weeks Group will not charge any commission on their incremental sales contribution until you recover the price of the initial research. Now that’s ROI.

Coda’s research will quantify your newspaper’s total audience each across print and digital channels

The survey will also demonstrate your readers’ buying power for key advertising categories

Coda will also create compelling presentation materials and sales collateral for your team

The Weeks Group will then make advertiser calls with your sales staff and present the new data

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