Let us help you tell your newspaper's story.

That’s what we do. Our team of newspaper experts and research pros turn numbers into stories. Market trends into market opportunities. Data into dollars. We create stories that demonstrate how a market dynamic, a change in consumer behavior, or a specific segment of your audience can impact a company’s success. And why advertisers need to partner with your newspaper to tell their own stories.

Let’s face it. You’re under increased pressure to manage budgets, streamline staffing, and get more bang for your research buck. That’s where we come in. Our Coda Analytics division is your outsourced option for professional data analyses, intelligent reporting and compelling sales collateral. In short, we turn statistics into savings.

Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing need, our dedicated research and marketing specialists will evaluate your existing resources (syndicated data or the latest digital metrics) to identify your most persuasive positioning. We then work with your team to create custom sales materials and client deliverables that reflect your newspaper's brand.

Plus, our Coda Analytics team will train and support you every step of the way, ensuring that the data has maximum utility, resulting in increased revenue and market share gains. Now that’s a happy ending.

Your on-demand solution for research analyses and targeted marketing support

Experts with syndicated media and audience data, digital analytics and more

Maximizes the effectiveness of the research resources that you already invest in

24/7 support and turn-key delivery of tools and presentations that drive increased revenue

It's cost-effective and totally turn-key when our Coda Analytics team helps to tell your newspaper's story

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