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Coda Ventures Local Market Surveys

Coda Local Market Surveys

Turn your newspaper's audience insights into increased ad revenue
Coda Ventures Audience Surveys

Coda Subscriber Surveys

Showcase the buying power of your newspaper's subscribers to advertisers

Coda Local Market Surveys

When it comes to your local market, you’re the expert. You know how important it is to effectively position your audience and its collective buying power to drive advertising sales. Coda will help you turn local market insights into increased ad revenue and market share gains.

Coda Local Market Surveys measure the total market coverage of your newspaper’s brand across all of your print and digital platforms. Collecting detailed information about the purchase profile and buying behavior of your audience for your most important advertising categories, the survey results enable you to position your audience delivery against other competitors in your market, including local TV, radio, magazines, websites, newspapers, shopping guides and more.

You also have the flexibility to ask your audience about specific advertisers – or advertising prospects – enabling you to create targeted sales strategies and presentations.

To leverage the data, a user-friendly reporting platform empowers your team to generate custom, on-demand sales stories after the survey results are in. Plus, our media industry experts will counsel, train and support you every step of the way, ensuring that your audience survey has maximum sales utility.

Reports the market coverage of your total audience across all of your media platforms

Showcases your competitive advantages versus local TV, radio, magazines and more

Measures your most important ad categories, plus individual advertisers and prospects

Your custom reporting tool generates ongoing data-driven sales stories

With a Coda Local Market Survey, it's easy and cost-effective to turn insights about consumers into increased advertising revenue.

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Coda Subscriber Surveys

Consumers engage with your content and advertising across a number of traditional, digital and emerging media platforms. That’s why demonstrating the value of your subscribers to advertisers is more crucial than ever before.

Coda Subscriber Surveys measure all of your newspaper’s advertising channels – print, web, social, mobile, apps and more. Using your email list of subscribers, Coda employs a cost-effective, web-based method to prove that your media platforms deliver the
consumers that advertisers want to reach. The survey measures how engaged your audience is with your newspaper brand and quantifies their purchasing power for key advertising categories.

Professional, sales-ready reports are then delivered to your team. Plus, Coda’s industry experts will train your staff and provide ongoing support, updating your sales collateral and offering on-demand research consulting services.

Quantifies the value of your subscribers across all of your print and digital ad platforms

Reports subscriber engagement and purchase profiles for key advertising categories

Provides you the sales training and presentation-ready reports

Supports your ad sales efforts through material updates and on-demand consulting

With a Coda Subscriber Survey, your sales team is equipped with a compelling and effective resource to successfully position your newspaper for any advertising sales opportunity.

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