Local Audience Studies

Local content drives local engagement.

No one can better demonstrate how consumers rely on your newspaper for community news and information than Coda.

Our Local Audience Studies measure how consumers engage with your newspaper across all delivery platforms – print, web, social media, and apps – providing you with a Total (Print+Digital) Audience metric to showcase how your newspaper delivers the consumers that advertisers want to reach within your newspaper’s distribution area.

Coda’s team of newspaper specialists work with you to customize the Local Market Audience Study to support your sales and marketing needs. In addition to your Total (Print+Digital) Audience, we include product usage, local brand/advertiser details, shopper spending, consumer profiles, etc. within your target categories (auto, grocery, healthcare, educations, just to name a few). Data that will enable you to bring new insights to your advertisers.

The research is conducted within weeks ….. not months. And we use the latest digital survey tools and techniques so respondents are able to take the survey at a time that best suits them using whatever device they want.

Download our Local Audience Studies Info Sheet

Local Ad Effectiveness

Local advertising drives local sales.

Coda’s Triad Ad Effectiveness Service measures consumer engagement with the ads appearing in specific newspaper issues, including ROP ads, circulars, spadeas, and sticky notes.

Triad’s ad effectiveness metrics include ad recall, ad likability, stopping power and 14 specific actions that the consumers have taken or plan to take as a result of the campaign – from considering/purchasing the product, visiting the store, recommending the product, bringing the ad/circular to the store, to visiting the advertiser’s website, etc.

The research is available 48-72 hours after the ad appears in the newspaper issue – so you can provide your advertisers fast, intelligent insights that demonstrates the value of their investment.

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Local Sales Support

Local sales support drives profitability.

How do you maximize the investment that you have already made in research and data to increase sales? What happens when your existing staff are not able to keep up with your fast-paced research and marketing needs?

The answer may be simpler than you think – Coda’s local market team of newspaper specialists.

Our team of experienced researchers, data analysts and reporting pros have you covered – from syndicated databases to custom research projects, including audience ratings, web traffic reporting, ad spending, sales prospecting tools, etc. All delivered in a variety of forms from spreadsheets to data analyses to finely polished presentations and sales collateral.

We are here to support your team by taking on time-intensive but necessary research and marketing tasks in order to give them the time to focus on important strategic and sale-focused activities.

Our quick turnaround, attention to detail and consultative services are unrivaled and extremely affordable.