Local Market Studies

Knowledge is king but local content rules.

Knowing your market inside and out is key to achieving results. And no one can help you get the intel you need for your market better than Coda.

From purchase intent, to dollars spent, Coda’s proprietary customer segmentation methodologies help you prioritize and target your best advertiser prospects based on brand loyalty, local shopping preferences and buying intentions of your viewers.

Coda’s Brand News studies measure viewer engagement with local news programs in the country’s top 100 TV markets, including the stations they trust, the news teams they believe, and the weather and traffic reports they rely on.

Plus, viewers provide feedback on leading local advertisers, including brand attributes, brands preference/consideration, category purchase drivers and the local media they use when shopping for local products and services.

Local Ad Effectiveness

Local advertising drives sales.

Advertisers have lots of choices when it comes to promoting their brands so it is important for TV stations to demonstrate the effectiveness and the value that they deliver.

Leveraging a fast and affordable web-based technique for ad testing, Coda’s Calibrate studies deliver detailed viewer feedback about the stopping power of the ad, the design, music, likability and most important, how it impacts consumer opinions about the brand and intention to purchase the product or service.

Detailed metrics from Calibrate studies provide valuable and proprietary information for your sales team to share with advertisers as to how their brand is perceived and ways in which they might improve their message for a better ROI.

Local Sales Support

Local sales support drives profitability.

How do you maximize the investment that you have already made in research and data to increase sales? What happens when your existing staff are not able to keep up with your fast-paced research and marketing needs?

The answer may be simpler than you think – Coda’s local market team of broadcast specialists.

Our team of experienced researchers, data analysts and reporting pros have you covered – from syndicated databases to custom research projects, including audience ratings, web traffic reporting, ad spending, sales prospecting tools, etc. All delivered in a variety of forms from spreadsheets to data analyses to finely polished presentations and sales collateral.

We are here to support your team by taking on time-intensive but necessary research and marketing tasks in order to give them the time to focus on important strategic and sale-focused activities.

Our quick turnaround, attention to detail and consultative services are unrivaled and extremely affordable.