​Your bottom line is top of mind with us.

​Coda expands your marketing, research and reporting capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Increase your output without increasing your payroll.

How do you maximize the investment that you've already made into research and data to increase sales?  The answer may be simpler than you think... Coda's local market support team.


We offer a range of staffing services, all designed to help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives more efficiently.  Whether you're looking for help with an ad-hoc project, or to outsource an ongoing research or reporting function, we have you covered.


Our experienced team of U.S. based researchers, data analysts and reporting pros have seen it all - from syndicated databases to custom research projects.  Including audience ratings, web traffic reporting, ad spending databases, sales prospecting tools, marketing 

effectiveness models and media engagement methods. 


Your Coda deliverables can take a variety of forms - from spreadsheets to white papers to finely polished presentations.  Your call.​  Delivered directly to your in-box or uploaded to your team's own custom reporting dashboard.

local SALES support

Local support drives Profitability