Knowing your market, inside and out, is the key to results.  And no

one can help you get to know your local markets more intimately

than Coda.


Coda is a technology-driven research & advisory firm that helps marketers, media companies and advertising agencies meet today's escalating accountability challenges head on.  Market by market.


From purchase intent to dollars spent, Coda's proprietary customer segmentation methodologies help you prioritize and target your best prospects based on their brand loyalties, local shopping preferences

and buying intentions.


Plus, Coda brand impact studies help you leverage your brand's promise versus competitors, and target your offers by promoting

the unique purchase drivers that resonate with local consumers.


And Coda's consistent data collection methods and survey techniques

let you compare performance benchmarks across markets to identify where, when and how your resources are best allocated to achieve optimal results.


local MArket intelligence

local intel drives local market success

We're the guy down the street.  The girl next door.  The local market strategist that you've been looking for.​​  We design, measure and advise.

You implement and succeed.