local advertising drives local sales

local ad effectiveness



Different local advertising channels have different utility for different consumers.

They drive different category sales and

work differently for different brands.

​We help you differentiate. 

Coda quantifies the effectiveness of the ad channels that local consumers turn to for new products, deals and where to shop.

Brand News measures viewers' engagement with local news programs in the country's top TV markets, including the stations they trust, the news teams they believe and the weather forecasts they rely on.  Plus, viewers rank leading local advertisers, including brand attributes, preferred brands, category purchase drivers, and the local ad platforms they use when shopping for local products and services.

The Triad Newspaper Ad Effectiveness Service measures the effectiveness of display ads, inserts and special ad units appearing in the country's leading newspapers.  Triad reports the actions that consumers take as a result of issue-specific campaigns - from brand building to purchase consideration to social media buzz.  And syndicated Triad effectiveness norms across all major U.S. markets

are available to advertisers, agencies and publishers.

Coda Native surveys quantify how sponsored digital content and

videos engage users, measuring content relevance, sponsor attribution and the specific online & off-line actions consumers take as a result of exposure to native ad campaigns.

Preprint Channel surveys measure the effectiveness of preprinted circulars distributed in a specific DMA or zip code defined zone - as newspaper inserts, at the point-of-sale, delivered to a consumer's mailbox or front door, or through targeted opt-in programs.

Radio Effectiveness studies for local radio stations and syndicated programs gauge the impact of commercials, sponsorships and promotions.

​Coda leverages a fast and affordable web-based technique for

Ad Pre-Testing, delivering detailed consumer feedback about the stopping power of headlines, ad copy, layout and design.

Pre/Post Awareness measurement tracks the effectiveness of your campaigns over time across local ad channels - television, newspapers, radio, magazines, search, web, social, outdoor, direct mail or preprinted circulars.